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What Is A Belt Conveyor?

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2019

Belt conveyors, also called belt conveyors or belt conveyors, are economical logistics equipment that is indispensable for the formation of rhythmic flow lines.

Belt conveyors can be divided into heavy belt conveyors such as mining belt conveyors according to their conveying capacity. Light belt conveyors are used in electronic plastics, food light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The belt conveyor has strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance, and can easily implement program control and automation. Continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt is used to transport items below 100KG or powdery or granular items. The operation is fast, stable, low noise, and can be transported up and down.

The belt conveyor belt is made of rubber, silica gel, PVC, PU, etc. In addition to the transportation of common materials, it can also meet the special requirements of oil, corrosion, anti-static and other materials. Conveyor belt can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

The conveyor consists of a tensioning device, a loading device, a reversing roller, an upper roller, a conveyor belt, a lower roller, a frame, a cleaning device, and a driving device. In the belt conveyor, the conveyor belt is both a load-bearing member and a traction member. It has not only the bearing capacity but also sufficient strength. The conveyor belt is composed of a core body and a cover layer, and the core body is subjected to tensile force, and the cover layer protects the core body from damage and corrosion.

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