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What Are The Factors That Affect The Layout Of The Pipeline Equipment?

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2018


  Product structure and assembly process design are the primary considerations in the design of pipeline equipment. Analysis and research on the product structure and suggestions for improving the product structure can greatly simplify the assembly production process.

2. Equipment

   The choice of assembly process equipment is determined according to product technical requirements and assembly process methods. Proper selection of process equipment and tooling not only improves production efficiency, reduces manufacturing costs, but also rationalizes the layout of the assembly line equipment. The issues to be considered when selecting process equipment include: product production program; product quality requirements; equipment advancement; equipment reliability; equipment price; equipment utilization; equipment safety; equipment maintenance convenience.

3. Personnel

  People are one of the factors of production, and they are living factors, and they are highly mobile. They need to be trained to adapt to the requirements of job work. Pipeline equipment should be laid out with good and safe working conditions, create a better working environment, and help to increase labor enthusiasm.

4. Logistics and transportation

    Material flow is accomplished by transportation. Material transportation is essential in the factory, we should choose economical and reasonable transportation methods. It can be concluded that the amount of material movement depends on its production factors. The arrangement of the line equipment must ensure that the material flow has the shortest distance and always flow to the end of the product assembly to establish a control system to ensure the flow of materials.

5. Production methods

Production mode is an aspect that needs to be considered when designing the assembly line equipment. The following points must be clarified in determining the production method: production program; work system, here refers to work shift and work time per shift; production line type, whether to adopt automatic line or assembly line production, is Single-machine production or fleet production; management methods refer to the management methods, systems and regulations stipulated in production.

6. Warehousing and ancillary facilities

The material flow always flows to the end of the assembly process, but whenever it is interrupted, there will be a shutdown. Therefore, it is necessary to retain a certain amount of reserves to ensure the flow of the material stream, which is economically reasonable in maintaining the production and balancing process capability. In order to solve the reserve problem, it is necessary to establish the necessary storage warehouse and storage place. In addition, auxiliary equipment provides maintenance and service for production and plays an important role in production.

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