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Unnecessary Waste In Production, Workshop Improvement Is Essential

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 23, 2018

First, the waste of transportation costs. Maybe we have different processes in the production process. We need to transport some products in different processes. From one production line to another, the cost of these transportations can be eliminated, because if we can organize our production more reasonably. This part of the transportation cost can be saved.

Second, the waste of inventory. Some of our suppliers may build some large warehouses and place some semi-finished products or finished products. Putting these stocks here means that we put the money in these places, which is actually a big waste. For example, if we need to produce this product for a month without improving the production process, then there may be a lot of waste in this inventory in this month, but if we transform our production process, it may be It takes only two days to produce this product, and the entire inventory can be greatly reduced.

Third, some unnecessary actions. Here are some very small things. A worker may have done some very useless work when working on a assembly line. For example, it takes time to get the same thing and assemble it. If we can make this production process even more Improvements can reduce waste by making workers' work more fluid and compact.

Fourth, wait. For example, we may have neglected the maintenance of our factory machines. In the process of production, the machine is broken. The workers have nothing to do and can only wait there. This is also a waste.

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