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The Importance Of Assembly Lines

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2018

  Assembly production lines occupy an important position in the manufacturing system and are commonly used in enterprises. No matter designing a brand new production line. It is still necessary to carry out the planning and design of the production line for the transformation of the original long production line. This is a very complicated process involving various factors. How to produce products that meet market demand at a very low cost in a short period of time will be the key to determining whether a company will succeed or fail in a fierce market competition. A modern assembly line must ensure high precision and high quality in order to ensure the technical requirements of the product. To effectively control the accuracy of the product, high reliability and consistency must be achieved. To ensure the production cycle, the rate must be achieved. To be able to meet the product modification, we must also achieve high flexibility. However, these conditions are not enough. A lean production line must be invested reasonably, with low operating costs and high operating rates. How to make the new production line efficient, high-precision and high-quality assurance, has become a problem that every production line planner must solve. Optimization of production line layout is an important aspect of improving production efficiency. Through the operation of ergonomic improvement, operation process optimization, production line balance optimization, material container standardization, material handling optimization, logistics route design, to ensure the production line tempo, production line station design rationalization, reduce the production line footprint, improve the efficiency of the production line.

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