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Select Pipeline Should Pay Attention To The Following Points

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

A good line of equipment related to the production efficiency, so in the purchase of pipeline equipment, to pay attention to the form of the assembly line to meet the requirements of production, such pipeline equipment is the real needs of enterprises.

First of all, the purchase line should understand the pipeline form:

I. According to functional classification can be divided into: production lines and conveyor lines

Two. According to the form of transport classification can be divided into plane linear transmission line, the plane turn transmission line, inclined to upload the pipeline and the slope of the lower transmission line

Secondly, the purchase line should understand the components and functions of the assembly line

1. Power: The main components of the pipeline dynamic part: Gear reducer, motor, inverter, frame and electrical components.

The motor part is mainly the power size, the manufacturer buys the pipeline to be according to the conveyer belt width, the line body length, the workpiece distribution density and the weight and so on the disposition.

2. Fuselage: The main component of the assembly line is: bracket, guide rail, conveyor belt, roller, pallet, adjusting foot, etc.

The material selection, specification and quantity of these accessories are determined by the length and use of the line body.

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