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Safety Hazards Should Be Paid Attention To Using Pipeline Equipment

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

1, the enterprise safety related personnel should be responsible for all equipment safety parts to set safety warning signs, lack of safety signs and safety shield equipment is strictly prohibited to use.

2, the pipeline equipment failure, should be shut down maintenance, in operation should not carry out maintenance, maintenance, lubrication and fastening work.

3, the operator found abnormal sound or other abnormal situation, should be shut down after the power to check and feedback to the relevant responsible personnel, can not be repaired operation.

4, electrical equipment must be installed and repaired by electricians, do not live repair, maintain good grounding, to prevent leakage.

5, pipeline failure should be timely maintenance to exclude, not in the event of failure to continue to operate, the operator found fault, should immediately stop the use and timely feedback to the relevant personnel.

6, in the case of voltage instability, should stop the operation of pipeline equipment, should be in time to power off, take appropriate measures to solve.

7, the pipeline operation in the case of power outages, need to immediately close the switch, to prevent the call back, the device in the state of uncontrolled operation.

8, the equipment during the maintenance, must hang the corresponding safety signs, to prevent other personnel misoperation, to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.

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