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Precautions For The Safe Use Of Belt Conveyors

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2018

1. The equipment should be started at no load. After the operation is normal, the equipment can be loaded. It is forbidden to start after loading.

2. After starting the machine, first idle for 3~5min, check whether the parts are normal, whether the belt has slack and slip, and the deviation phenomenon. If there is any adjustment, tighten the M20 tightening bolts at both ends of the driven roller;

3. Strictly control the conveying capacity of the equipment, prohibit overload use, and cause premature component damage;

4. Check the active roller, driven roller, bearing housing, drive sprocket (gear) for abnormal noise. If the tightness of the chain is slack, adjust the adjusting bolt of the motor board to measure the edge and tighten it. Add grease to the bearing housing and the chain once a week, and tighten the sprocket stop screw to prevent the sprocket from moving;

5. Regularly check the belt brackets, rollers, motors, bearing blocks and connecting bolts of various parts, and find that loose and timely tightening.

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