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Pipelining Plays An Important Role In Industrial Production

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

Optimize the first station operation time, and how long to put a board, this to meet the production plan amount of input required cycle time. But in fact, the bottleneck station operating time must be greater than the first stop, the first station must not be the bottleneck station, so the first station is not necessarily in accordance with the requirements of the cycle time to put, because the bottleneck station has slowed his speed, so from a management point of view, to really require the first station operators according to the speed of input. Pipeline conveyor belt speed can also be extrapolated out of the output, the following is the conveyor belt speed formula:

Conveyor belt pitch time = day of work time/daily output * (+ bad rate)

Conveyor belt speed = Mark interval distance/conveyor belt pitch time

The so-called distance between the markings, in the line of the belt made on the distance between the markings, hope that the operator according to the speed of the flow to complete the work and placed on the Belt line; But the line is not marked, the length of the board as a mark interval distance. Why use conveyor belts? In addition to the delivery of goods, there are half mandatory operators to complete the function according to the plan, but not blindly speed up to try, and should be calculated according to the above formula.

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