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LED Lamps And Lanterns Have Entered A Period Of High Demand In Automation Production Line

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Nowadays, everybody is talking about artificial intelligence, automation equipment, robots and so on. Where do you know, in the past few years, domestic LED automation equipment is mostly in the exploratory stage, equipment manufacturers need to invest a lot of money, manpower and material resources to ensure that product development is in place, and then pay attention to the cost recovery of research and development equipment; at the same time, the emergence of new equipment is not easy to be favored by customers, so we need a variety of tedious verification information to prove the stability and practicability of the equipment. And then let customers rest assured that use, many automation equipment manufacturers are facing a dilemma of choice.

At the same time, as the embryonic form of automation equipment, some so-called automation equipment still belongs to rough equipment, which has low automation degree and needs higher human cost. In the past two years, with the improvement of technology intellectualization in equipment enterprises, manual intervention is becoming less and less, forming a lot of technological equipment in series, generating full-automatic pipeline, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.

According to the reporter's understanding, the current upstream of automation production equipment technology requirements are higher; and the upstream packaging direction, domestic automation equipment accounted for about 50% - 60%; and downstream domestic automation lighting application equipment accounted for more than 70%. Therefore, LED automation equipment products have great potential in the future. Dingli Automation believes that it is not appropriate to transfer to traditional manual production mode under the increasingly fierce competition in the current LED lighting market, while introducing the automatic production line of LED lamps can effectively solve the quality problems of enterprise products, at the same time, it can further reduce production costs and enhance product competitiveness.

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Some of HLX's LED customers will not need to increase their staff as a whole and their production capacity will increase several times after the realization of automated production lines. Under the conservative estimate, the monthly production capacity of PCB can be increased from 1000 square meters to 3000 square meters. With the support of orders, the production capacity can be increased to 5000 square meters, and the leap in productivity quality can be realized five times.

Even though the whole industry chain of LED is the same in the upper, middle and lower reaches, whether it is lamp production or PCB production, it needs the participation of automation equipment and the support of equipment to achieve the growth of production capacity. At the same time, the product price and cost will naturally decrease to achieve high performance-price ratio.

With the booming growth of terminal lighting application market, the price of lamps and lanterns will inevitably be civilian. It is urgent to realize large-scale production of lamps and lanterns. Therefore, it is inevitable for lighting enterprises to introduce automatic production lines. LED lighting automation equipment in such a good situation to share a cup of "soup", quietly entered the high demand period of enterprise lighting automation production line.


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