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How To Improve The Production Efficiency Of The Assembly Line?

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2018

1, workshop decoration

The parking space of the garment factory generally has the "one" shape, the "U" shape, and the modular type. It is necessary to combine the people, the process and the equipment optimally. You can open the relevant at the end of the article: How to make the assembly line of the garment workshop Layout, see below.


2, material preparation

"The clever woman is difficult to be without rice," and the more powerful production line group can't stand the pain of waiting for materials. Therefore, this requires the factory to prepare the materials needed for the whole batch in advance. The team leader also needs to receive the materials in time to prepare for production, including Templates, gadgets, etc., are recommended. It is recommended that you do the PMC schedule, track the new fabrics, accessories, equipment, etc., and use Kanban to visually manage.


3, standard sewing

By doing standard sewing, employees have a uniform and efficient operation, which also guarantees the quality of the products and reduces the chance of rework.


4, leader model

"Recommended clothing team leader to do pre-production model", the team leader made a pre-production model to know the difficulty of the process, know where the bottleneck of the paragraph is, also fully understand the quality requirements of the paragraph and production should pay attention to Matters, deepen the understanding and impression of the production and sample, and display the hanging board.


5, prenatal guidance

The leader needs to explain the difficulties of the technical process, and the matters needing attention in the production, because the workers can not see the process list, so the team leader needs to explain the requirements of all the process orders clearly and clearly to the model. Team members, so that each team member has a clear understanding of the quality requirements of the process they are making.


6, process layout

A new style, the arrangement of the process is very important, a good process layout, often can improve the production efficiency of the line more than 30%, before doing special research for this, interested friends can open the relevant articles at the end of this article: Change the manufacturing process and increase the production capacity by 30%.

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