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How To Avoid The Conveyor Belt Temperature Is Too High

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2018

The conveyor belts for industrial production are in contact with the rollers and the process continues until high temperatures occur. This higher temperature is more durable and can cause problems with the function of the conveyor belt. The temperature of the conveyor belt joint can be the highest, and generally does not exceed the normal maximum limit. Of course, the maximum temperature that can be accepted by different conveyor belts is different. The environment is different and limited. The conveyor belt is in an open place, and it will heat up in the same way as direct sunlight. Then in this scene, the conveyor belt has the appearance. Cooling is faster than a closed workshop. Even if the highest acceptance temperature is not reached, the lasting use of the shipment can have a suffocating effect.

As can be seen from the above, even if the maximum predetermined temperature of the shipment is not reached, it is impossible to be too close. The additional temperature of the rubber conveyor belt is determined by both the rubber vulcanizing agent and the increased accelerator. Most of the roller manufacturers generally set the temperature of the vulcanization component used in the conveyor belt to be higher in order to ensure high safety of the goods to be shipped. In this way, when the extreme temperature occurs again, the delivery will not be broken at one touch, and it can withstand long-term heat resistance and adhere to normal conditions.

Of course, the processing technology of transportation is also necessary to improve. The information of the vulcanizing agent is on the one hand, and the process of processing the roller is the same. In the process of production, the point of extension of the vulcanization time can be easily guaranteed to reach a higher level. For the maintenance of the function of the transport, it is recommended to use the idler as much as possible at an industrial base with a normal temperature or a slightly lower temperature.

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