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Basic Principles Of Assembly Line Equipment Layout

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

1. Simplification principle

Pipeline Equipment layout to strive for simplicity, glance, make management simple, avoid complication.

2. Flow to the reasonable, moving the shortest principle

The layout design of the pipeline equipment should be coordinated according to the Assembly process, ensure the rationality of the logistics design, that is, the whole product assembly process is continuous, there is no pause, reverse flow and long-distance transportation in the middle. Reasonable logistics does not produce any additional value, but it can reduce the manpower and material resources expended on logistics, and achieve the effect of reducing cost and improving quality. In the logistics, the moving distance and traffic volume are as short and small as possible to avoid stagnation, transcendence and accumulation.

3. The principle of effective use of area

In the layout of the pipeline equipment, to make full use of the area, the equipment interval to ensure a certain maintenance space to minimize. This not only increases the utilization of the area, but also reduces the distance the workers take. Select channel width, according to the flow of people, logistics volume (transport means) to consider.

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