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What is the working principle of household appliances assembly line?

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2019

The assembly line of household appliances is an indispensable and important step in its production process. Rational planning of assembly line can better achieve high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality of products.In the modern household appliances assembly line, because of the excessive weight of the household appliances to be transported, the chain-plate assembly line is generally used. Mature assembly technology, equipment selection, quality control and methods of logistics are worth learning from.

The assembly line of household appliances is a process of sequential assembly of household appliances. The production line is between each station. Therefore, the control of each link must have high reliability and sensitivity, in order to ensure the continuity and stability of production.Reasonable planning of household appliances assembly line can better achieve high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality of products.


The assembly line of household appliances mainly includes assembly line, sub-assembly line, workstation appliances and on-line tools. At present, flexible conveyor line is widely used to convey workpieces on assembly line and sub-assembly line, and automatic assembly equipment is deployed on-line to improve efficiency. Flexible conveyor line mainly includes friction roller and start-stop power roller. The automation equipments on the chain-plate assembly line mainly include automatic number-marking machine, tightening machine, automatic turning machine and other special assembly equipments, which can greatly improve the assembly ability of the chain-plate assembly line. The on-site information monitoring system is set up by means of ethernet, and the functions of information collection, scheduling and delivery, station monitoring and assembly prompt on assembly line are completed.


In the production of household appliances, the chain-plate assembly line is the display of the final state, final structure and final accuracy of household appliances, which is very important to ensure the accuracy and quality of household appliances. A household appliances assembly line should ensure the technical conditions of household appliances assembly to achieve high accuracy; ensure the assembly rhythm to achieve high efficiency; assemble multiple models simultaneously to achieve high flexibility; and effectively control the assembly accuracy to achieve high quality. To achieve the above aspects, we must start with the planning of production line.


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