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Form of assembly line

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

Assembly line is a special form of product-oriented layout. The assembly line refers to a continuous production line connected by some material handling equipment. Assembly line is a very important technology, it can be said that any product with a variety of components and mass production of the final products to some extent using assembly line production. So the assembly line layout is affected by many factors such as assembly line equipment, product, personnel, logistics transportation and production mode.

It is usually assumed that the assembly line will have a certain tempo and that all workstations have a basic equal processing time. Different types of assembly, there is a great difference, mainly reflected in:

1. assembly line Material handling equipment (belt or conveyor, crane)

2. Production line layout type (u type, linear type, branch type)

3. Beat control form (maneuver, human move)

4. Assembly variety (single or multiple products)

5. assembly line Workstation characteristics (workers can sit, stand, follow the assembly line or move along with the assembly line, etc.)

6. Length of assembly line (several or many workers)

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