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Features of the assembly line

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

1, the assembly line work specialization degree is high.

2, the production line is a closed process, according to the process pipeline operation sequence, the pipeline to do labor between the unidirectional movement process.

3, the processing time of each process of the production line is in accordance with the proportion of their work.

4, assembly line production process according to the unified beat. The so-called defeat of the assembly line means that the next two product yield intervals.

4. Form of assembly line

1, the line according to the object movement, the production line can be divided into fixed lines and mobile lines.

2, according to the number of lines of production types, production lines can be divided into a single species line and a variety of lines.

3. The production line can be divided into straight line and discontinuous line according to the degree of continuous manufacturing.

4, pipelining mode to achieve rhythm, line can be divided into mandatory line and free assembly line.

5, the production line according to mechanization degree, the pipeline can be divided into manual, mechanized and automated three lines.

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