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Features and forms of pipelining

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017


1769, the British Josiavecs Wood began to Drury and ceramics factory, the field of fine division of labor, he initially by a person from beginning to end of the ceramic process into dozens of of special procedures, respectively, the implementation of the personnel. In this way, the original meaning of "ceramic worker" no longer exists, there is only to dig a mason, bricklayer, part of the earthwork, blocking and other pottery craftsmen into a ceramic factory workers, they must be fixed work rhythm, abide by the unified management of labor.

Second, the advantages of the pipeline

1 line integrated production process line can be arranged on the production line of various locations, production lines to meet production needs;

2 High scalability, assembly line, assembly line can be based on factory requirements, production line design can meet the needs of the production line;

3, production line in order to save production costs, assembly line can save production workers, in a way, the pipeline to achieve a certain degree of automation production lines, upfront investment is not small, assembly line high returns.

Features and forms of assembly line

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