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Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017


The selection of assembly line equipment is based on product technical requirements and assembly process method. The correct selection of process equipment and tooling for assembly line arrangement can not only improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost, but also rationalize the process of assembly line layout. The problems to be considered in selecting assembly line equipment include: Product Production program, product quality requirements, advanced equipment, reliability of equipment, price of equipment;


Product structure and assembly process design are the most important considerations in assembly line layout. The production process of assembly line can be greatly simplified by analyzing and researching the product structure and proposing the suggestion of improving the product structure.


The mode of production is one of the aspects to be considered in the assembly line layout, and the following points should be clarified: Production program, working schedule, this refers to the work shift and the working time of each class; production line type, to consider the use of automatic line or pipeline production, is a single machine or cluster production; means to guarantee the management method, system and regulations stipulated in production.

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