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ABS has two main methods of industrial production

Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

The Acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer (AS) was mixed with polybutadiene (B), or the two kinds of latex were mixed together.

Grafting copolymerization of acrylonitrile and styrene monomer into polybutadiene latex was carried out.

Production of 1 kg of ABS resin requires raw materials and energy approximately equivalent to the production of 2 kg of oil.

Chi Mei is the world's largest manufacturer of ABS resins, and its factories in Tainan and Zhenjiang produce about 1.3 million tonnes of abs resin each year. Other major manufacturers of ABS resins include: Bayer Chemical, LG Chemistry, GE Plastics, BASF and Dow Chemical.

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