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Smartphone Telephone Assembly Production Line

Smartphone Assembly Line conveyor type always belt type conveyor.Belt type conveyor specifications as follows.

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Smartphone Assembly Line Assembly Line

Smartphone Assembly Line conveyor type always belt type conveyor.Belt type conveyor specifications as follows.


1. Motor: 2HP,1:60 Cheeming brand motor,equipping with frequency speed controller.

2. Frame for Motor: 40*40*T2.0mm aluminum extrusion,A3 board shrouding in 1.0mm thickness,equipping with sprocket and chain

3.Drawer: Equipping drawer in the line, the thickness of drawer is 1.2mm,powder coating.

4.Guide rail: 40*60*T1.5mm aluminum extrusion

5.Support Frame:40*40*T1.5mm aluminum extrusion,equipping column on each 2000mm,working height is 750mm.

6.Lighting: 28w,T5 tube.

7.Instruction Board: support adopts 28*30 aluminum bars,in H shape.green acrylic plate equipping with transparent A3 acrylic plate each m.

8.Tool Hanging Rail:support made of 28*30 aluminum,equipping with a set of wheel each meter;

9.Working Bench:300mm in width, 15mm in thickness,pasted by pvc belt in 2mm thickness.

T Shape belt cover. Adopting 40*40*T1.2mm aluminum extrusion as support frame.

10.Plating Bench:T15mm wooden board pasting fire proof,T shape cover.

11.Wire Slot 60*80: Adopting galvanized board in 1.0mm thickness,equipping with socket on each meter.Adopting 4M2 wire

12.Conveying Belt: pvc belt in 2mm thickness ,400mm in width ,jointless.

13.Supporting Board and Supporting Roller For Belt:galvanized board in 1.0mm thickness for supporting.Adopting galvanized unpowerd roller in 50mm diameter as upper support roller,adopting galvanized unpowered roller in 38mm diameter as down supporting layer.Equipping roller in each 2000mm. 

14.Controlling Electrical Equipment: Equipping with 1 electric box,Chint brand switch inside.

15.Air Pipe: adopting 3/4” galvanized pipe with air cock between each meter for the whole line.

16.Leveling Feet:M12*80 galvanized feet,adjustable height 30mm.

Note:the specifications are customized.

Customized Specifications as Follows

1)What is the length of belt conveyor?

2)What is the belt width needed?

3)What is the working bench width?

4)What material of the structure?

carbon steel powder coating or aluminum structure 

5) What is the speed of belt conveyor?

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