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SMC Stopper Cylinder

SMC Stopper Cylinder

SMC Stopper Cylinder Diameter(mm):50 Stroke(mm):30 Operation:one movement by air then pushed out by spring

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QX-IVertical SMC Stopper Cylinder Details

one movement by air then pushed out by spring
No Buffring

When the load changes during operation, the cylinder with the output force should be selected.

Under high temperature or corrosive conditions, the cylinders with high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance should be selected.

When the trachea is inserted into the cylinder, the internal dirt must be removed to prevent debris from entering the cylinder block.

In the case of large temperature, large powder, or water droplets, oil slag, and welding slag, the cylinder should take relative protective measures.

The cylinder should be filtered through 40mm or more.

The cylinder should be protected from side loads as much as possible during use to maintain the normal working life of the cylinder.

In the low temperature environment, anti-freezing measures should be taken to prevent the cylinder from freezing.

The cylinder should be used for a long time. To prevent the surface from being rusted, the air inlet and the exhaust port should be dust-proof and capped. The front back cover cannot be disassembled by itself.

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